Golden Moments || Purposeful Life Series

What are your golden moments?

These are tiny snapshots for you to take daily. There is gold around you all the time if you choose to look for it, engage and be present. This is what gives depth to our lives.

Some of our favourite golden moments:

  • Feeling the sand between your toes at the beach
  • Noticing the first blossom on a tree.
  • Looking at the stars at night.
  • The smell of really good coffee.
  • Watching the waves roll in.
  • Watching the sunrise/sunset.
  • Listening to the rain.
  • Watching the clouds roll by.

This simple act of mindfulness, of tuning in and being truly present to the small wonders unfolding all around you, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, is something you can tap into anywhere, at anytime.

Look for, and savour, the golden moments happening all around you, each and every day. Collect these treasured moments and use them to foster gratitude.