Simplicity Brings Clarity || Purposeful Life Series

When you simplify your life, you stop wasting your energy.

The clarity this brings reduces ambiguity and eliminates doubts.

Your then have the space and opportunity to set and achieve the goals that matter most to you.

What drains you?

Is your life full of clutter? We are living in the age of time famine and digital overload, and the expectation to be ‘on’ constantly means there has never been a more important time for us to decompress, declutter, and recalibrate our minds and bodies to ensure our wellbeing. High achievers often struggle with feeling cluttered, overwhelmed, and overextended, because they take on a lot of commitments.

Drainers aren’t things we think about consciously, but are tasks in our subconscious. Decluttering your life helps eliminate them, creating a simpler, more streamlined environment. this is the big clean-out you’ll need to do before you can structure the new opportunities and strategies  that support you to be your best, with optimal wellness in every part of your life.

Identifying your drainers:

Think about the following aspects of your life – whenever your answer to a question is ‘no’, this indicates a drainer. Work to make all your answers ‘yes’.

Personal Environment:
❁ Is your living space clean and inspiring?
❁ Is your wardrobe tidy and are all of your clothes clean, pressed and in good repair?
❁ Have you cleaned out your storage space and thrown away anything you haven’t used in 2 years?
❁ Do you have fresh air and comfort in your home?

❁ Do you have a budget or know your cost of living?
❁ Do you pay your bills on time or make arrangements with creditors?
❁ Are all of your receipts, invoices, and financial records filed and in order?

❁ Do you tidy any ‘loose ends’ with your partner, parents, siblings, and friends by having an open, honest, and authentic conversation?
❁ Do you let people you love know how important they are to you?
❁ Have you let go of any relationships that drag you down?
❁ Do you make requests rather than complaints?
❁ Do you respond to phone calls, letters, and emails promptly, even if your response is brief?

❁ Does your diet include fresh fruit and vegetables, and provide you with enough energy?
❁ Do you avoid excess tea, coffee, and alcohol?
❁ Do you get enough sleep at least five nights a week?
❁ Do you have a holiday at least once a year?
❁ Do you exercise for 30 mins at least 3 times per week?

❁ Do you invest in personal development?
❁ Do you laugh every day?
❁ Do you have a hobby?
❁ Do you plan regular fun activities with your partner, family, and friends?
❁ Do you set yourself goals and work on realistic ways to make them happen?