Information for Referrers

Information for Referrers

Our Clinical Psychologists are committed to delivering evidence-based psychological services to achieve genuine outcomes for your patients. We offer Medicare and Private Health Fund rebates. Please note, we are not a bulk-billing practice. At referrers’ preference, we send and receive patient correspondence via Medical Objects, fax, or Australia Post. For more information about our commitment to referrers or to refer a patient, please select from the options below:

What Referrers Can Expect

We recognise that communication between treating professionals is vital to coordinating effective treatment. To provide the best care for your patients, we adopt a collaborative approach and believe in providing regular written correspondence with referrers, as well as phone or email contact, as appropriate. Our commitment to referrers includes:

  • Delivery of evidence-based psychological interventions by highly-qualified and experienced Clinical Psychologists.
  • Clear and timely communication to ensure continuity of patient care, including regular updates as to the progress of therapy.
  • Meaningful psychological reports and tailored treatment plans.
  • Symptom monitoring and evaluation of therapeutic outcomes.
  • Regular updates regarding complex cases.
  • Relapse prevention plans to maintain symptom remission and psychosocial functioning following completion of therapy.

Refer a Patient

For your convenience, we have a fillable referral form to assist you in referring a patient to MindTree Psychology:

Download a referral form to refer a patient to a Mermaid Beach PsychologistIn order to meet our Medicare obligations, we require a copy of the patient’s referral at the time of their first appointment. In the absence of a valid referral, we are unable to provide Medicare rebates. We accept referrals through Medical Objects, fax, mail, and in person.

Once your patient has made contact with a member of our team, they will be offered an appointment within 72 hours, or at their earliest convenience. We will review and assess your patient during their initial session and establish a plan for psychological treatment. You will receive a psychological report advising of our working diagnosis, assessment results, and treatment plan following the patient’s first appointment. We will also send a progress report following the patient’s sixth session, or any earlier cessation of treatment. If you believe your patient would benefit from additional sessions, please refer them back to us. Once they have concluded therapy, we will send a final report on their progress and therapeutic outcomes.