Working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak: Tips to support your mental health

Due to the impacts of coronavirus, many people are either already or are about to work from home. With this in mind, here are some tips that will help support your mental health whilst you adjust to these changes to your workplace:

  • If possible, create a separate office or workspace
    • Studies show that working from home can interfere with sleep, especially for individuals who find it difficult to switch off from work. In particular, avoid working in your bedroom (if possible), as your bedroom will become associated with being alert, awake, and switched on.
  • If you’re not stuck in self-isolation, try to get outside at least once per day.
    • Go for a walk, get some fresh air and sunshine. If you are in isolation, go out to your garden or walk up and down your driveway or go out on your balcony and enjoy fresh air.
  • Maintain a health work-life balance by setting time limits.
    • Set a routine as if you are going into the office, wiht a regular start and finish time, and a structure for your day, including breaks and exercise scheduled in. This will assist you to maintain a strong boundary between work and home life.
  • Keep connected to colleagues
    • Staying connected with other will help to reduce stress, feelings of isolation, and increase productivity. It also helps you communicate with your manager or employees to keep them informed of what you’re working on.
  • Get ready for the day ahead as though you were going into work.
    • Creating cues such as getting changed into your work clothes at the start of the day and out at the end can help with maintaining a strong work-life balance.
  • Digital detox in the evenings
    • Try a digital detox to help you switch off from work, so you can spend quality time with your family, or do the things you want to do.