Nicole King


Nicole King | Meditation Teacher

Nicole King is a certified Meditation teacher and founder of The 10 Essential Elements of Wellbeing©.

Nicole created the ‘learn to meditate experience’ for the everyday person. Those who are interested in learning meditation may not know where to start, feel as though they’ve tried and failed before, or have misconceptions about the practice entirely (i.e., it’s about stopping thoughts).

The 3-session course is relevant and tailored for each student - their lifestyle and method of learning.  The course combines practical experience (meditation and breath) and education. Students learn the meditation technique, about the intrinsic mind-body connection, neuroscience and the transformative power of the mind to heal, induce deep rest, enhance clarity, creativity, and overall performance and health.

Low on spirituality and time commitment, the benefits of a daily meditation practice are accumulative and may include: decreased feelings of stress and anxiety, improved sleep, a deeper connection to self and others, enhanced immune and digestive function and increased joy and self-actualisation.