Gambling Addiction

People with a gambling addiction cannot control their urge to gamble, even if they are losing a lot of money. They are willing to risk something of value in the hope that the return will be more valuable.

The consequences of a gambling addiction can include financial losses, bankruptcy, homelessness, and the breakdown of personal relationships. They can be serious not only for you, but also your members of your family, friends, and associates.

What are the signs of a gambling addiction?

If you have a gambling addiction, you are likely to experience some of the following:

  • The need to gamble with more and more money to achieve a feeling of excitement.
  • Constant thoughts about gambling
  • Repeated unsuccessful attempts to stop or rein in gambling
  • Irritability or restlessness if you try to stop gambling
  • Resorting to gambling to cope with anxiety or depression, or feelings of helplessness or guilt
  • Chasing’ losses. That is, gambling to win back what has been lost, particularly following substantial
  • Lying to cover up the extent of your gambling
  • Losing a relationship or job because of gambling
  • Relying on others for financial support after significant gambling losses

People with a gambling addiction have a tendency to hide their behaviour, however, there are warning signs that gambling has become a problem for someone you may know. These may include:

  • Regularly borrowing money
  • Having multiple loans
  • Unpaid bills
  • Missing money or household valuables
  • Lack of food and household essentials
  • Withdrawing from family or at work
  • Changes in personality or mood
  • Conflict with others
  • Feelings of helplessness, depression, or feeling suicidal
  • Unexplained absences from work, important events, or commitments

Overcoming gambling addiction is not easy, but we’re here to help.